Weekend Adventures

Oh, it was a glorious, fun filled weekend. Full of less-than-mediocre dance routines, wet zoo animals, and heavenly strawberries.

It’s enough to make you jealous, you can admit it. It’s okay, I’d be jealous too.

Or maybe not.

Two of my younger sisters were participating in a dance recital on Friday night. Let me preface this by saying, I took dance for about 14 years, so I have some background. Some knowledge. I’m no world famous ballerina, but I know what’s good and what’s not. And this, this was more than not good.

E and T (my sisters), were adorable. What 6 and 8 year old can put on a satin costume covered in sequins and skip around the stage and not be adorable? And my heart just melts when I watch the itty bitty 3 year olds on stage in their impossibly tiny tutus. Nothing is more precious.

What is not precious, however, is 15-18 year olds who try to dance, and fail.  They failed miserably.  I can’t even call what they did dancing!  They did the same 3 steps over and over. It’s not their fault, so I can’t blame them. But I was embarrassed for them! I cringed every time a new group took the stage.  I almost couldn’t watch. And this went on for 3 hours. 3 hours people! Oh my word at the terrible dancing.

Saturday, P and I were looking forward to a relaxing, lazy, rainy day.  My mom called us up and said that, due to some family members visiting in town, they had decided to go to the zoo that afternoon.  We said, sure, we’ll tag along, but are you sure the zoo is a good idea? I checked the weather forecast, and sure enough, there was a little picture of a thundercloud next to 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00.

Mom was determined to make it work (I’m channeling Tim Gunn when I say that phrase. Make it work!), and we took off in the minivan. It started raining as soon as we pulled out of the driveway, but we pushed on. The rain only came down harder as we got closer and closer to the zoo.  We all piled out of the cars, passing out umbrellas, and my brother J said, “Are we really doing this?” with a look of fear and trepidation on his face.

Oh yes, we were really doing this. It was almost a matter of pride at this point. We had reached the zoo, and there was no turning back. Ignore the line of cars exiting the zoo, the people with wet hair and bedraggled clothing. It will take more than rain to stop us!

All kidding aside, it did turn out to be a nice afternoon. It stopped raining about halfway through the afternoon, and we could put away the umbrellas and enjoy the animals.

On an unrelated note, vampire bats really do drink blood. The zookeeper tried to make this sound okay by saying that they don’t suck the blood, they lap the blood. Clearly, lapping blood is much more acceptable than sucking blood. I feel much better now.

Yesterday afternoon, hubby and I enjoyed our favorite new activity, strawberry picking. There’s a beautiful strawberry farm about 2 miles from our house (aka apartment), and we love to go there and stock up on strawberries.  You can pick by the quart or the gallon, so we grabbed a gallon bucket and got to work. The best part is that you can fill your bucket to overflowing and pay the same amount. We usually end up with about a gallon plus a quart or so, which is wonderful. Plus, I eat approximately a quart of berries during the picking process. Then I try to hide the stains of berry juice from my mouth and fingers when we go to pay.

Our whole house (aka apartment) now smells like strawberries. While we were picking, P said, “I’m pretty sure there will be strawberries in heaven,” and I’m pretty sure he’s right! Ours will last us at least a week, if not more, depending what we use them for. We’ve gotten in the habit of having strawberry smoothies almost every night. Last week, I made a strawberry pie, and of course, we both love eating strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and snacks any time of day.


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