Jack Bauer Saves the World…Again

Since we moved into our new apartment in January, hubby and I have been watching 24. I didn’t start watching 24 when it was actually on tv until Season 7. Hubby watched it from the beginning, but that was a while ago, so we made it our mission to watch the whole show. All 8 seasons of it.

Last fall, we watched our way through The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, both of which are awesome sitcoms, by the way. So funny and entertaining. But the episodes were short, only 20 minutes, and we finished them pretty quickly.

Now, 5 months after we started watching 24, we are currently on Season 6.

We’ve watched so many episodes now, that we just find some things funny.

The countless exchanges between Chloe and Jack that go like this:

“I need it now Chloe!”
“It’s going to take me a while Jack! I have to refigure the satellites and get through the mainframe (insert other technical jargon here).”
“I need it now Chloe! It’s our only lead!”
5 seconds later: “Okay Jack I got it.”

And the way Jack always says, “We need him alive!” and yet somehow, the Very Important Person who is the only way to stop the madness ends up dead.

After 6 seasons, the plot gets a little predictable.
Step 1- Something terrible happens to the United States.
Step 2- Jack is the only person who can help, so he must come out of hiding, break out of prison, leave his family, etc to save the world.
Step 3- Jack and CTU are foiled again and again as they try to catch the bad guys. They manage to stop nuclear bombs and nerve gas from killing the whole country, but they just can’t catch the bad guy. It’s always down to the last second, and the bomb is 1 millisecond away from exploding, but phew, Jack stopped it just in time!
Step 4- Jack falls in love with a bimbo. (This occurs simultaneously with Step 3, but I thought it deserved special mention)
Step 5- The President says, “Jack, you’re our only hope. Do whatever you need to. I’m sorry for asking this of you.”
Step 6- Jack risks his life, catches the bad guy, and saves the world.

Also somewhere in there, he and daughter Kim fight, he tortures people, and at least one of his friends will die.

I guess I’m just a sucker for good over evil. Who doesn’t love to see America win, the terrorists lose, and Jack Bauer emerge without a scratch on him after saving the world?


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