Sunday Suppers

Hello lovely readers!

A lot of blogs that deal with recipes and cooking do a “Meal Plan Monday.” I love the idea of meal plans, and I’ve gotten better at planning meals ahead of time, as well as incorporating new recipes.  But to me, seeing a meal plan on Monday does no good, since I do my meal planning and grocery shopping over the weekend. If I wait until Monday to plan meals, we’d be ordering pizza every night!

So here on eatplayread, I’ll be posting “Sunday Suppers” that will contain my weekly meal plan.  As I get more posts up, I’ll be able to link to the recipes, but for now, I’ll have to add the recipes during my weekly posts. Bear with me! Hopefully my meal plans will give you some suggestions of what to cook for your family!

This week on the menu we have the following:

Monday: Ham and Potato Bake Casserole, served with crescent rolls

Tuesday: Dinner with friends

Wednesday: Pasta Carbonara, served with Texas toast

Thursday: Easy Crock pot Pork Chops, served with rice and green beans

Friday: Blueberry French Toast, served with bacon

The weekends we usually take a little easier. Sometimes we’ll eat with friends or family, sometimes we’ll wing it at home with leftovers, and sometimes we eat out. After cooking all week, I like to have a break!

Good luck with your planning, and I hope you enjoy my suggestions!


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