Just a little snippet to entertain you this afternoon.

Last night, hubby and I went into Target. (We had to get a new blender. Our old blender broke and we couldn’t face one night without our daily smoothie.)

We paid, and as we were walking out, we overhear this gem, from one Target employee to another.

Target Employee #1: “Hey! How are you? You got the baby tonight?”
Target Employee #2: “Yup, I left him in the trunk.”

P and I look at each other.

Emily: “Did she really just say that?”
P: “Um, yes, she really just said that.”

This provided great amusement, as we proceeded to  ask each other, “Hey, you got the baby tonight?” for the rest of the evening, followed by maniacal laughter.

After the 172nd repetition of the conversation, I said, “You know, I feel like maybe we should’ve called the police or something. What if there really was a baby in the trunk?”
P: “It couldn’t have been a baby. Maybe it was a dog. Or a plant.”
Emily: “Yes, because everybody refers to their plants as a baby.”


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