Happy Long Weekend

Hello blog world!
Just checking back in to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day!

Hubby and I have actually been camping with my family all weekend, but we’re back home now. We got home late last night and collapsed into bed! I’m so excited to have a day off today just to relax before getting back to work on Tuesday.

We went camping at the same place we’ve gone every Memorial Day since I was 4 or 5. It’s a very simple campground. Lots of dirt, bugs, and trees, but it’s so beautiful. They have archery, swimming, sailing, fishing, basketball courts, and of course, family and friends. It’s very relaxing. My family has gone camping a few times a year since I was little, and this is my favorite place to go. I am not a huge nature person, but for 2 days, I can make it work.

When we got there on Friday, Hubby and I were setting up our tent near the water. He said, “I think I see fins out there.”
I said, “No way. I don’t think they get sharks or dolphins here.”
He said, “No, really, look!”
Sure enough, he was right! There were about 10-15 dolphins playing in the water near the dock. So we ran right out to the dock to get a closer look. They were just swimming around in small groups about 10 feet away from us. What a beautiful way to kick off our weekend! I just couldn’t stop smiling.

Meanwhile, thank you to all of our servicemen and women, and all of our veterans. You sacrifice so that we don’t have to.


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